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A Dentist and a Dental Technician with a full service Denture Laboratory (DN14487)

Full service denture laboratory on site

Office Hours By Appointment Only

What do we do?


Custom Fit Full Denture $500 (per arch -code 5110, 5120) Same Day Dentures Available

Same Day Denture Repairs

Same Day Denture Relines

What you see is what you get. No other hidden charges.

How many visits does it take to make a denture?

(If the first appointment is at 8am, the denture will be finished by the end of the day)

1. First visit we take a preliminary impression of your gums 
(to make a full denture) teeth and gums (to make a partial denture).

2. Second visit is a Try-In visit. The teeth are set in a wax base and placed in your mouth to evaluate for accuracy of mounting, occlusal vertical dimension, esthetics and phonetics. Adjustments are made at this time until you are satisfied with every aspect of the denture.

3. The final visit. Insert the denture and adjust as necessary.

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